Who we are

We are dreamers. We are doers, disruptors, & free thinkers. We are bound together by a passion for creating positive change through bold action, and we are obsessed with leaving this earth better than we found it.  

We envision a world where the magic of our lives life can be experienced by those we love across space + time,  And we don’t intend to stop until the power of legacy is in the hands of everyone.   If you believe what we believe, join the mission, we’d love to have you.

“Do something, that transcends everything.”

- Matt Phillips, CEO & Founder of Transcend

What We Believe

We believe that every life story matters, and that Legacy represents the best opportunity to elevate the human condition.

By empowering our users to capture the wisdom, knowledge, and experiences of their life’s journey, we enable them to be present for the people they care about, forever.

We believe in Privacy

You own your data, and it’s not for sale.  You decide what to share, and who to share with.  

Your privacy will never be compromised.  No advertisers, no noise, no nonsense.

What we do.

In Short we capture meaning & We deliver immersive experiences across space + Time.

Project Transcend is an experience creation company. We give people the tools needed to privately & securely capture their life’s journey, and create engaging experiences that span generations.  Our mobile application serves as a portal to all things meaningful in our life’s adventure.